Cathedral City Park and St Johns Bridge: A Travel Treasure in Portland, Oregon

Are you traveling to Portland, Oregon and looking for a wondrous architectural space or an amazing historical experience? If so, then you can’t do much better than Cathedral City Park in the St Johns neighborhood. The park was named because of the spectacular views looking up at the span of St Johns Bridge, nearly two hundred feet above. It truly feels like an outdoor cathedral. It inspires awe and reverence, humility and fascination.

Cathedral City Park would be a beautiful place to visit even without the amazing views of the bridge. It has lovely walks through a remarkable assortment of trees, plus amazing views of the Willamette River and the tree-covered hills beyond.

When visiting the St Johns area, a particularly “local” attraction is St Johns’ beloved dive bars. “Dive bars” are local establishments that may be a little bit rough around the edges, but are usually both a great value as well as providing great local color. Also, right by the entrance is the amazing “Urban German Wursthaus“, which is a great place to eat and take in the view of the bridge.

by This is Travel Treasure Contributor Arthur Breur

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Visit Cathedral City Park

Address: 6635 N Baltimore Ave, Portland, OR 97203 [Google Maps]


Some facts about the St Johns Bridge from Wikipedia:

  • The St John Bridge was opened June 13, 1931
  • Total length is 2,067 feet (630 m)
  • Height is 400 feet (120 m)
  • Longest span 1,207 feet (368 m)
  • Clearance below 205 feet (62 m)

The St John Bridge was built within 21 months and one million dollars under budget. At the time of its completion, the bridge had:

  • the highest clearance in the nation,
  • the longest prefabricated steel cable rope strands,
  • the tallest steel frame piers of reinforced concrete,
  • the first application of aviation clearance lights to the towers, and
  • longest suspension span west of Detroit, Michigan.


Cathedral Park and St Johns Bridge Photos

Photos by Arthur Breur